Investment Opportunity

An Investment or procurement opportunity is now available for this website.

ABS’s entrants may wish to procure an established online presence immediately. This is where can give you the edge over competition. Established back in early 2010 the site has gained an enviable reputation from some of its closest rivals. The legal arena is changing rapidly everyday and this opportunity will provide you with an established presence on all major search engines instantly.

Take advantage of the established trademark (TM) or rebrand to your existing brand the choice is yours.

Take a giant leap forward in offering legal services online and put yourselves at the forefront of the developing online legal market.

There are now many firms looking towards embracing ABS’s and I compare solicitors provides the perfect platform. At least 10 of the top 100 UK law firms are considering applying to become alternative business structures. At least five other top 100 firms are known to be considering an application in 2012, but want to remain anonymous for the moment. Irwin Mitchell and Keoghs, from opposite sides of the claimant-defendant divide, have previously expressed their interest.

Many more will no doubt be looking to adapt in the fast changing world of the legal profession, and with access to thousands of enquiries from the general public I compare solicitors now looks like a viable option for a merger or an acquisition.

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