MBM Commercial is an award-winning commercial law firm that helps entrepreneurial businesses. Many of our clients are businesses based throughout the UK, which are going through significant growth, either by investment, acquisition or by international expansion. We also offer US law capability to assist clients who are doing deals in the US, expanding into US markets or transacting with US businesses. We are the market leaders for advising on early stage investment deals.

We are committed to providing the very best legal advice, and the mantra of the firm is to help you get the result you want, on time and on budget. Much of the work that we do is based on fixed fees.

The firm provides a full range of commercial legal services to its clients, including corporate, corporate finance, intellectual property, commercial contracts, commercial property, restructuring, insolvency, dispute resolution, employment and company administration. We also provide intellectual property consultancy services and software escrow services.

The firm has 8 partners and has been established as a limited liability partnership in Scotland. It is regulated by The Law Society of Scotland, and its registered number is SO330552. Its registered office is the 5th Floor, 125 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4AD. The firm is also authorised and regulated by the Law Society of Scotland (20613) and the Solicitors Regulation Authority (563609) as a multi-national practice. The firm includes lawyers admitted to practice in Scotland, England and California.

Professional Negligence Lawyers

There are many times in our lives when we need to take professional advice, whether it is financial, legal, or technical advice. Unfortunately, there are a number of cases where poor or careless advice can result in disastrous outcomes. If you have been the victim of poor advice, you may be able to claim compensation if you can show that the poor advice met the test of professional negligence.

The legal test of negligence can be complicated: getting over the hurdles is not always easy and requires expert evidence to be provided by professionals skilled in the area concerned. We can guide you through the process for bringing or defending a professional negligence action and provide representation at every stage.

The MBM Dispute Resolution team has an established expertise in professional negligence claims, advising clients with claims against a range of former professional advisers including solicitors, surveyors, financial advisors and financial institutions. In the last five years, we have built up a strong track record on professional negligence claims, advising clients with claims against a range of former professional advisers including solicitors, surveyors and financial advisors and financial institutions. Our clients include large institutional lenders and corporate clients, as well as individuals.

Recent successes include the case of Dunvale Investments Ltd v Burness Paull in the Court of Session in early 2015, in which our client was awarded £2.7 million.

We recognise that any claim against a professional advisor is sensitive and very important to the client. We strive to identify the strengths, weaknesses and commercial sensitivities of each case, and at the outset provide clear reasoned advice and recommendations. We also recognise that pursuing these cases can be costly, and we work with Third Party Funders where we can to create innovative funding packages that will enable clients to take claims through litigation.

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