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  • Why Attorneys Hate Marketing (And What You Can Do About It)
    Here are 10 common attorney objections to marketing and sales, along with insight and advice to law firm marketers on how to understand and work with the anti-marketing mindset.
  • Say Hello To The Law Firm CEO
    Law Firm Leadership in the 21st Century: The role of law firm leader is evolving rapidly toward that of a law firm CEO whose main focus is on managing people, adminstration, business development, long-term planning and running a business — not practicing law. Here’s a look at how some successful law firm leaders are redefining the role by creating a management model that more closely resembles that of their clients.
  • Linkedin for Lawyers: Top Ten Tips – by Amy Campbell
    Linkedin can be a powerful online tool to help you expand their professional network, raise your visibility, and position and control your personal brand — if, that is, you know how to use it.
  • Budget Essentials for Law Firm Business Development – by Deborah Scaringi
    What do law firm business development pros put at the top of their budget “must haves”? Deb Scaringi polled some industry leaders to determine what tops their list of indispensable budget line items.

Managing Partner

  • The future of gender equality in the legal profession
  • SRA’s competence statement gets green light
  • Sir Michael Pitt: the Legal Services Act ‘defies logic’
  • Kennedys forms JLV with Legal Solutions to enter Singapore
  • ‘Fun’ meetings are more innovative and collaborative

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  • Textbook Piracy Concerns in Modern Academia
    The publishing industry is facing a number of challenges in this highly technical society. Reports of decline in sales of textbooks have become regular news for most university presses. And the issues surrounding the decline just make the situation get a little darker. The proliferation of web sites that offer pirated versions of textbooks has been […]
  • Jon M Queen, Environmental Finance Attorney, Addresses CDM Validator Attrition Problems with a Law Firm Comparison
    Last month, Attorney Jon M Queen brought up an interesting challenge faced by Clean Development Mechanism validators (related to the Kyoto Protocol) regarding the attrition rate at the Designated Operational Entities which are commonly referred to as DOEs or Validators. Mr. Queen states The attrition challenges presently confronting Clean Development Mechanism validators are not new to […]
  • Misleading Marketing Tactics Used By HMOs
    There are a number of ways people are lured into signing up for Health Maintenance Organizations or HMOs. The best method so far is advertising or rather misleading advertising, in which HMOs appear to offer more than they actually deliver. I think this is one of the reasons why organizations like the Health Administration Responsibility […]
  • Law-Firm Blogs: Marketing Device or Mere Diversion?
    Posted by Dan Slater That was the question posed Friday by Dechert’s James Beck and Jones Day’s Mark Herrmann, co-authors of the well-read Drug and Device Law blog. Given that, for instance, Drug and Device scores 25,000 page views per month, “wouldn’t you expect at least a few of your colleagues to wander down the hall […]
  • Online Marketing For Lawyers – How Lawyers Can Increase Online Presence
    BALTIMORE, Feb. 4 Online directory news service has announced its recommendations for online marketing activities for law firms in 2008. Forget the television commercials, radio ads, and other gimmicks. This is a year that law firms are focusing on their presence online. Not only will a great online presence boost the brand and […]