Complaints Procedure

Providing an excellent customer service is important and in the vast majority of cases this is exactly what you will receive. However, just very occasionally, something can go wrong and a customer, unfortunately, has cause to complain. If this happens, we will always acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 working days and do everything we can to speedily resolve the problem.

This can usually be best achieved by contacting the person you originally dealt with within 48 hours.

That person will expect to hear from you if you are unhappy and will aim to resolve your complaint on the same day. While we would like to hear from you by telephone, should you decide to e-mail us, we will call you with the same objective in mind.

If an immediate solution cannot be achieved because further investigation is necessary, we will let you know straight away.

Should our investigation take longer than anticipated, which will only happen if the circumstances are particularly complex, we will explain why and we will make sure you are provided with regular updates. We will not normally allow any complaint to be unresolved for more than 4 weeks, as we will always agree a course of action with you within this time.

Any investigation will be overseen by a specially selected and trained staff member – we call them Customer Liaison Supervisors, and they represent every part of our business.

If at any time you are unhappy with the progress or outcome of our investigations, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate Customer Liaison Supervisor.

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Service Department by:


In the unlikely event that you are still unhappy with how your complaint is being handled or resolved, we have in place an escalation procedure which means that you can request the involvement of an appropriate manager. One of our Senior Customer Liaison Supervisors will facilitate this for you. You can contact them using the details above.

If, at the end of this process, you still remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you have the right to take your complaint to the appropriate bodies.